IELTS Listening – spelling names

(For more IELTS Listening Section 1 spelling practice, try these credit cards and postcodes!)

In this first in a series of spelling activities, let’s listen to – and attempt to spell – some tricky names!

1. Click play. (may take a few seconds to load!)

2. Type the name you hear:

3. Click 'check' for feedback.

4. Click .

In section 1 of IELTS listening, candidates have to write down the spelling of names, phone numbers, postcodes, etc. To make this challenging, IELTS deliberately include letters that are pronounced differently in different languages.

Indonesian flag Indonesian candidates in particular have problems identifying certain letters, for example the vowels a, e, and i, as these are not pronounced the same in Bahasa Indonesia. Other problem letters are g & j, p & b, and t & d.

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