Robot Carers

IELTS Listening Section 4 is arguably the most difficult part of the listening test. A single speaker delivers a talk or a lecture, and all ten questions have to be answered without a break.

Listen to a talk on robots as carers for the elderly and answer the questions.
Fill in the gaps with one word or a number!


Enter items into the gaps, then click 'Check your answers!'
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stories, healthcare, face, touches, environment, programmed, emergency, seal, isolated, falls, privacy, three, 3, accents, dementia

Why do we need robots to care for the elderly?

  • The population of the world is increasing.
  • (1) systems cannot cope with the increasing numbers of old people.
  • Elderly people not only need help with physical problems, they also need help with mental illnesses such as (2. )

Robots currently under development

1. Nadine

  • Nadine has been under development for (3) years.
  • Nadine can..
    • ..monitor patients.
    • ..alert doctors in case of (4)
    • to patients.
    • (5)
    • games.
  • Nadine cannot..
    • ..understand (6) well.
    • ..coordinate well.

2. Mera

  • Mera is being developed by IBM.
  • Mera can..
    • a video of a patient’s (7) to monitor their heart and breathing.
    • ..alert carers if a patient (8)

The Internet of things

  • Networked gadgets can..
    • ..detect physical changes in patients.
    • ..detect changes in a patient’s (9)
    • ..enable carers to give patients more (10)

Robo-pets – Paro

  • Paro, a robotic (11) , was developed in Japan.
  • Paro knows when a patient (12) it, and is designed to look patients in the eye.
  • In clinical trials, Paro helped to control symptoms including depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Paro can also be (13) to treat other psychological symptoms.


  • Elderly people may become even more (14) if human carers are replaced by robots.
  • Robots need to be programmed with personal information.

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