Tense moments on Everest

Read the following text about events at Mount Everest (source here). Choose the correct verb forms by paying close attention to the surrounding grammar and signalling words. Then click ‘check answers’ for feedback.


Make your choices and then click 'Check your answers!' for feedback.

1. The Everest base camp was destroyed by an avalanche during the earthquake. Already, the Nepalese government __________ a team of Sherpas to Mount Everest to fix the route through the treacherous icefall above Base Camp so that climbing can resume on the mountain as soon as possible.

will send
has sent
is sending

2. An avalanche triggered by last weekend’s earthquake – which killed 19 climbers at Base Camp – __________ fixed ropes and ladders placed in the icefall, making it impossible for climbing teams to reach Camp One.

is sweeping away
has swept away
swept away
will sweep away

3. The window for reaching the summit of Everest __________ at the end of May because of the start of the monsoon, and some climbers are already waiting at Base Camp in the hope of the route re-opening soon.

is closing
will close
has closed

4. Besides the damage in Kathmandu, entire villages have been destroyed in remote, mountainous areas to the west and the north, where many people are yet to receive any help. Five Sherpas working for Guy Cotter, who __________ a commercial expedition on Everest, died in the avalanche which hit Base Camp and Mr Cotter has now called off his expedition.

is leading
was leading

5. Another climber, Adrian Hayes, a former British army officer, __________ an expedition so that he could use his skills to take part in the relief effort for earthquake victims.

has abandoned
will abandon
is abandoning

6. He is a trained paramedic and plans to head into the remote regions where it is still __________ to reach those in need. But despite the crisis, the government does seem in favour of re-opening the route up Everest, if it is safe to do so.

prove difficult
will prove difficult
proving difficult
proved difficult

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