Talking about marriage

Marriage often gets lost in translation, so let’s try some very old-school grammar translation!

  1. Read the text and translate it into your first language.
  2. Then – without looking at the original text – try to translate it back into English.
  3. Finally, fill in the gaps with words and phrases from the box.
  4. Click ‘Check your answers’ for feedback.


Enter the following items into the gaps, then click 'Check your answers!'
married, got married, get marry, get marriage, to marry, to get married, marry, marriage

They (1) last year. It was love at first sight. They wanted (2) as quickly as possible. Unfortunately (3) life was not what they were hoping for. Their (4) lasted exactly 2 weeks. (They made the mistake of going on holiday together.) As a (5) couple they fought continuously, but now that they are no longer (6) they get along very well. They have both found different partners and have vowed never (7) again!

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