A ‘he’ or a ‘she’?

What a cute baby! Is it a ‘he’ or a ‘she’?

Ok so I admit that occasionally we might not recognise somebody’s gender. But when their gender is obvious then we need to use the right pronoun, at least when we’re taking an exam!

Many languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, use non-sexist pronouns. And many languages use the same pronoun for subjects and objects, and even for possessives! It’s hardly surprising that students find English pronouns challenging, but for IELTS they have to be right!

Some yukky theory:

subject object possessive
he him his
she her hers
it it its

Ok now fill the gaps with suitable pronouns!


Enter the following items into the gaps, then click 'Check your answers!'
its, it, her, him, she, he, his, hers

My new friend is Budi. (1) is from Jakarta. (2) wife is with (3) in Bali. (4) name is Ayu. (5) is planning to go to Australia with Budi if (6) does well in his IELTS test. Budi brought (7) passport with (8) to Bali, but Ayu left (9) in Jakarta. Her parents are posting (10) to Bali next week. (11) ’s due to expire soon, but Ayu is not sure about (12) expiry date. (13) may need to get a new passport before (14) and Budi go to Australia.

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