Lost in translation (from Indonesian)

The following sentences illustrate how meaning can be distorted or even lost in translation from Bahasa Indonesia to English.

Click on items to find out what went wrong and how each might be improved.

Currently this list contains 182 items.

It could also be argued that removing individual animals from the wild are potentially threatening the population of wild species.Is this a good way for students to prepare their new academic environments?Interacting with many people expands students vision and broadens their horizons.A gap year allows participants to find passion in their life.At the same time parents spend lots of money on their children because they consider traveling costs and additional expenses during their children take their gap year.Living far away from home improves their ability in money managing, since their parents may not support their financial.Taking a gap year gives certain advantages to young people before attending colleges.Since young people want to be considered independent humans. They try to prove their ability for themselves and other people as well.Some people argue that taking a year break causes hesitation to continue study permanently. However, many people claim that taking a gap year between finishing high school and starting university studies is beneficial.First of all I love the culinary.You only need little equipment to play badminton.Automation in industry means increased productivity and better productions...blah blah blah. In addition, cities provide and manage recycling of garbage, and provide waste disposal services. Eventually, most cities provide good drainage to prevent flooding.Urbanisation supports economic development. Firstly, it is a supporting factor to increase industries.Online stores suggest their customers to change their passwords periodically.Easy access to shops online makes buyers can visit many stores without leaving their homes.Cities offer larger salaries to people rather than small towns.Common people watch television every night for six hours.English should be taught from an early age. English is highly valued when pursuing study abroad, getting a job, and connecting business people all over the world. They use English, furthermore, in their activities, such as education, business, politics, travel, and others.Since 2010, I am IT Specialist at Purwodadi Botanical Gardens.All my friends agree that I'm a good cooker!In my leisure time I like swimming, reading, and watching.People in my office know me as a person who knows about computer because my background study. I hope that in the future I will be able to give a contribution as an Indonesian expert in mosquito-borne disease.Sometimes I am a lonely person and I struggle by my own.What a cute baby! Is it a 'he' or a 'she'?I'm very busy during the week, but at weekends I go out with my colleges.There is an excellent cinema in my hometown. I go there almost every weekend with my couple.Many vehicles produce smoke in the street, especially in rush hours.This problem occurs due to people throw waste into the irrigation system.I agree that famous people should be followed by medias.These days gadgets do not consume power as much as they used to.Despite of its lucrative potential, tourism causes many new social problems.Unemployment has increased in recent years for some reasons.Over-grazing is one of the most significant factor in environmental land degradation.Indonesia has rights to withdraw from ASEAN if trade agreements are not adhered to.Indonesia should prevent its resources from the threat of bio-piracy.You can also use Gojek if you don't bring much luggage.As the tap handle rotated the spindle moves up inside the tap body.This could be achieved using gravity to allow the water to flow from the higher to the lower level.These days youths are more challenged by the future because making decisions about the future is not easy.The experience I got from this job has strong contributions in changing my character from employee to leader.Students experience stress when they enter university because college life is tough and tiring.Euthanasia may be one of ways to deliver health resources fairly to people who still want to live. Students can take a break while they are studying in college for refreshing.People call this as the 'big data era'.Sales increased dramatically reached 2,000 in July.Taking a break between school and university is worthy of their time.Happiness is depend on a person's view of their life.Modern art and music can cause conflicts in existing cultural values and can cause misinterpretation or even losing their originality in cultural identity.Space exploration does not improve conditions in the society.Governments have spent quite a lot for space exploration using public money.I experience the same problems with you.I drove to town this morning and got an accident.Now I am searching ways to make the Lombok community aware of mental health.They have somehow shown their supports and encouraged me to pursue postgraduate study.Teachers should shift from individual learning to collaborative one.I'm sorry I'm late. My wife is sick and so this morning I should take my son to school. And I'm sorry but I should leave early today to take him home.Routine activities make our hearts are happy.I keep my photos because they can memorise the moment.Of course I love my house. It has a yard. Actually it's not a very wide yard.Some people claim that working hours for labours in factories are too long.Some people believe that the existence of machines helps to generate more profit than loss.In conclusion, long working hours are necessary for human beings.Different ethnics will have different languages to communicate.Constructing impressive buildings benefits more for visitors than local people.Search features help shoppers to find what they're looking for. Besides, online shopping offers customers various payment methods.The usage of technology is very important to learn effectively.I would like to study abroad one more time, especially for achieving a doctoral degree.I have also been a teacher in one of high schools in Padang.Physical shops are more convenient than online stores. Firstly, in physical shops customers are able to touch goods and try on clothes. Secondly, shopping in physical shops can be a social activity.I was graduated from Hasannudin university in 2007.There are more ways that have to be done to halt the spread of HIV.The revenues resulting from the tax amnesty could compensate the temporary loss of revenues deriving from the transition.Owners of LCGC cars spend additional money on car tax which is expensive enough for middle income families.Australians who disagreed or remained neutral had an upward trend during the period.I am a doctor. My first sister is a doctor. My second sister is a doctor. And my third sister is a doctor. My father wanted us to become a doctor.In the first place is over-grazing, which caused 35% of land degradation.The widespread of this crime can be reduced by imposing stricter penalties.In Australia I will need a lot of money to pay my basic needs.By paying more attention to corruption can improve the welfare of a country.Full-day school becomes an important issue because it concerns a wide range of people, especially parents.In my opinion, artificial intelligence should be kept away from humans' civilisation.When I was living in the desert I lost my weight.Bakso was chosen by 60% of students, Martabak by 20%, Siomay by 15%, and only 5% chose Other.Giving a challenge for human workers to involve in controlling machines is a good idea.Several audiences left before the film finished.In the 100m running the winner was Usain Bolt. The second winner was Justin Gatlin.I am a staff at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.The table shows the percentage of money that allocated by people in different countries for different reasons in 2002.I know that reading is important, but Indonesian people are lazy to read.My friends advised me change my performance, so I went to the salon, bought some new clothes and smart shoes. My friends agree that my performance is much better now.In 2015 sales of all 3 types of fast food increased dramatically.The number of students in 2001 was accounted 33,438 students.Yes, I like my job because it matches my education.Sports don't have to be risky with the use of proper equipments.Americans rose steadily, while Indonesians fell dramatically.I'm not used to invite visitors to my house.Studying abroad needs high cost!The price of natural pearls is more expensive than the price of man made pearls.I enjoy using Facebook because I could see photos of my friends there.In general, all the lines show that there is an increasing trend of people with bronchitis.In general, the 6pm news reached its peak for almost 5 million viewers per day in the first month.Famous people are followed everywhere by the press. Their families sometimes feel they have to hide from reporters, and the children of famous people may feel that they are living behind the bar.Through television broadcasting many people had known about the president's vision and mission.People who live in remote areas sometimes have limited access to the things they want to buy. Since it cannot be provided by retail shops, online shopping may be the solution.Consequently, people lived in remote areas sometimes have limited access to learning resources.Many countries are spending a lot of money on space exploration in order to reach edge of the universe.Google also increased steadily, although not as significantly as Facebook.Women having a first child was low in both years (1995 and 2005).The event was extremely successful. It was attended by more than a thousand persons.Is it worth to spend large amounts of money on space exploration?Moving on to look at the various factors irritating theatregoers, six include undesirable voice including sneezing, whispering, snoring, rustling sweet papers, mobile phones and coughing.The percentage of Australians holding a maths, science, or computing degree raised quite significantly from 10 to 18.The topic of change in people's lives has been widely discussed recently.The graph illustrates information about the results of a poll of theatregoers regarding disturbances during theatre performances. In general the 4 most disturbing problems are coughing, rustling sweet papers, whispering and arriving late. Their percentages stand at above 50%.When people go to real shops, the goods are visible. They can try clothes on and know what materials were used.Moreover, a failure can be caused by a lack of practical experiences.If I am given more time in the reading test, I will answer all of the questions with satisfied results.Budi tried to teach himself IELTS but made no progress. Then he discovered @guruEAP and last Saturday he could achieve band 7.0.Apple stores had more costumers than any other store during the period.Advertising tends to make people more consumptive.Preserving endangered languages may trigger negative sentiments about the allocation of fundings.Just like their male counterparts, many Australian women earn money 2,000 dollars per month.AAS students which have just about 37% students, submit assignments on time.Most of older teachers and some younger teachers are not technology literate.As we know that, last year the government removed English from the elementary school curriculum.Children these days spend a lot of time using interactive media which increases their exposure to aggressive contents.In my place there are many farm animals such as pigs, cows, and goats.Some Asians have less difficulty in intercultural communication.Today, with the introduction of information technology, life becomes more complex.In the last 10 years there is an increase in aquaculture.For me as religious people, I totally disagree with free sex.First of all, the problem of humans using too many of the world's resources.A study conducted in 1965 identified that argument mapping leads to clearer writing.Sorry, I can't join you for lunch. I will meet my writing supervisor to discuss my dissertation.The rapid pace of modern life is what causes most people to get stress.Research has shown that men have the same kind of emotional problems with women.The government need to make more of an effort to fight crimes.Population is indeed growing, but after 2050 it will likely to decline slightly.Several researches have proven that nuclear energy is not as dangerous as people think.Chomsky (2014) argued that grammar monopoly is an effective way to highlight first language interference.The principle of the social services is that people have rights to live happily and without discrimination.The fallopian tube is a tunnel which will be passed by the sperm on its way to the egg.People in the 14-17 group of age were most affected by the changes.In the second process, the sperm enters the egg, and the zygote is formed.There are many factors that can contribute to failure such as students do not manage their time well, or they are just lazy.Agricultural sector is different from economic sector in the way research is conducted.Passive smoking brings negative impact for people who do not smoke.The growth of cashless payments has raised the debatable issue whether this payment method is part of the problem or part of the solution.Government must work hard to tackle the problem of inflation.Conserving a language is the key to fully grasp the identity of a culture.I just heard that I achieved 7.0 overall in my recent IELTS test. Thanks God!The government has just removed fuel subsidies. It means that the price of basic goods will surely go up.The population of Japan is lower than Thailand.These days children see far too much violence on TV and this can affect to their emotional development.Before departing for Australia, students must prepare theirselves in order to avoid culture shock.In addition to smoking, excessive drinking also can cause illness.The government does not concern about the crime rate in cities.There will be many disadvantages for human if animal testing is stopped.In my spare time I usually go out with my friends.Since the abolition of fuel subsidies, prices have been fluctuative.It is important to consider the negative effects for the sake of our young generation.First of all it is necessary to consider about unemployment. Unemployment is considered as a serious problem.At the weekend I like to spend my time to cook.Excuse me, why the answer to number 10 is 'A'?Domestic work is made easier with the use of dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, and washing machine.These problems have become more serious because of the government have failed to end corruption.According to a recent census, there are 265 millions people living in Indonesia.Indonesian students sometimes struggle because they lack of critical thinking skills.Even the government has tried hard to control corruption, but bribery is still commonplace.Because of the recent increase in fuel prices, the price of food is more expensive than before.Agricultural sector is different from economic sector in the way research is conducted.In Australia I will need a lot of budget because I have to buy many things.Most Indonesian people against the removal of fuel subsidies.In Australia there are many women receive the same salary as men.Unemployment is one of the most serious problems for the society today.I always use special shoes when I'm working in the laboratory.Everybody knows that condoms can avoid pregnancy.Motorcyclists in Bali don't seem to care about their own safety or other people's. They weave in and out of traffic without leaving room to manoevre. They cut in front of cars and then brake hard. They ride on the pavement and on the wrong side of the road. Even they don't wear helmets.I am difficult to understand.Doctor, what's wrong with me? I feel tired every time!

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