When? Where? What?

Today I challenge you to make some predictions based on a text and at the same time supply suitable articles! (Rules for selcting articles or ‘s’ here)

I’ll post the answers to the following questions tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you think you already know the answers, write them in a comment below this post!

  1. When (approximately) did these events take place?
  2. Where (in the world) is the place referred to in the text?
  3. What kind of music, specifically, is referred to?

Select words from the drop-down menus to complete the text. When you have finished, click 'Check your answers!' for feedback.

('Z' = 'leave blank / zero article')

OK I understand

Even before they enter bar of nightclub in centre of city, patrons can hear music. regular beat, only slightly muffled, spills out onto street. Inside smoky, dimly lit space, women in tight mini-dresses and and teetering heels stand by stage where nine men play various instruments. Occasionally one woman, known as ‘waitress’ although she appears to do little waitressing, breaks into song, usually accompanied by one of male visitors to bar. At other points women sway to music as customers slip them wads of cash, flashing disco lights illuminating them momentarily in darkness.

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