Interested in ‘interest’

Admittedly some people may not interests in the arts.

OK so ‘interest’ is potentially a problematic word.

Let’s say I’m one of those people who like the arts, I like attending arts events, and I like going to galleries, etc. In this case I can say any of the following:

  • I’m interested in the arts.
  • S.o. + (not) to be + interested in +
  • The arts interest me.
  • + (doesn’t) interest(s) + s.o.
  • I find the arts interesting.
  • S.o. + (doesn’t) find(s) + + interesting
  • The arts are interesting to me.
  • + (not) to be + interesting + to + s.o.

Returning to our original example, we need:

  • Admittedly some people may not be interested in the arts.
  • Admittedly some people may not find the arts interesting.
  • Admittedly the arts may not interest some people.
  • Admittedly the arts may not be interesting to some people.

Try this practice activity:


Make your choices and then click 'Check your answers!' for feedback.

1. I ________ photography.

interested in
am interested in
interesting in

2. I ________ black and white photography especially ________.


3. Portraits in particular ________ greatly.

interest me
interesting me

4. Yes. Portraiture ________ the most ________ branch of photography ________. me
is..interesting..for me me

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