Complete with ‘with’

Mobile phones are completed by advanced features.

Completed by

OK let’s look at some examples of ‘completed by’:

  • The questionnaires are completed by women aged 15–49.
  • A complete site overhaul was completed by our editorial staff.
  • The detailed project report has been completed by the consultants.

In all three examples we have to be + completed by + agent (the person doing the completing). In our opening example that would make ‘advanced features’ the agent, which is of course impossible.

Complete with

Now let’s look at a slightly different use of ‘complete’.

  1. This building is complete with computer labs on every floor.
  2. Comes complete with all necessary connectors and detailed instructions.
  3. All of the recipes are complete with nutrition information.

Complete with advertisement
In these examples we have to be (or ‘come’) + complete with + additional features (computer labs, connectors, nutrition information). OK so this must be what our writer meant to say:

  • Mobile phones are complete with advanced features.

Completed by (2)

Actually there is a third possibility:

  • The project should be completed by 2017.
  • The restoration was completed by February 1971.

Here we have to be + completed by + time expression (the deadline for completion).


Now try this quick practice activity:

  1. Fill gaps in the text with words or phrases from the blue box. There are more items than gaps.
  2. Click (or touch) 'Check your answers'.
  • Feedback colours: Correct - Incorrect - Not answered
  • This activity includes 5 questions.

OK I understand

has to be completed by - is complete with - does not come complete with - is not complete with - completes with - must be completed by - comes complete with

My scholarship traveling expenses and maintenance allowance. However, my friend’s scholarship these items. Another difference between the two scholarships is that mine this June, whereas my friend’s next year. And of course, both courses the students themselves, without assistance from friends or family.


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