Reconstructing Chomsky on Language

Recently in class Chomsky’s name came up in discussion as the most widely cited author, but not many students knew his name or why he is so well-known.

The following video outlines Chomsky’s ground-breaking theory of language.

Before you watch the video, discuss with a friend the following questions.

  • What makes human language different from animal language?
  • Is language learned, or are we born with it?
  • How is it possible that small children learn languages so quickly?

Watch the video and then attempt the text reconstruction activity at the bottom of the page.

  1. Enter a word into the field below the text box.
  2. Press 'enter' on your keyboard.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until finished.

Your text contains 218 words.
Some words have already been given to get you started.
Try to complete the text without clicking the help buttons!

OK I understand

Clozed book



Hints: 0



Wrong guesses will appear here.

3 comments on “Reconstructing Chomsky on Language

  • 50 hints
    adapt, emphirisis, empirisis, empirisist, empirisits, hard, idea, in-bond, in-bound, in_bound, inept, inert, innapt, innath, innept, innert, it’s, it;s, linguists, lingust, maneuver, maneuvers, manneuvers, manoeuvers, prepancity, pt, rights, slade, sled, wright, write



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