Demands and demand

Tissue demands for housing and offices are increasing.

OK so there are two kinds of demand – specific and general.

Specific demand(s)

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If we make a demand for something specific then we ask for it quite forcefully so that people know we are serious and there may be consequences if we don’t get what we’re asking for:

  • The people have repeated their demands for a new leader.
  • If the people do not get a new leader, there may be violent protests.
  • Police are considering the kidnappers’ ransom demand.
  • If the kidnappers are not paid, they may harm their victim.

General demand

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Demand is general when many people – in many different locations – want the same thing at the same time. If demand is not met, there may or may not be serious consequences:

  • Demand for iPhones is lower than demand for Android phones.
  • Multiple people in multiple locations want to buy these products.
  • Electricity from wind turbines is not enough to meet demand.
  • There is not enough electricity to serve all of the people in all of their respective locations.


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OK I understand

Tissue for housing and offices increasing. This follows made by housewives and office managers for cleaner living and working spaces. Fortunately, tissue manufacturers believe they are producing enough tissues to satisfy ).

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