Spatial awareness

In the last post we matched headings to this text about helping children to develop spatial awareness. Now let’s try some good IELTS True, False, No information questions relating to the same text!

  1. Skim read the text
  2. Answer the questions. If a statement corresponds to a matching fact in the text, answer T (True). If it contradicts a fact in the text, answer F (False). If there is not enough information to decide True or False, answer NI (No information).
  3. Click or touch Check Answers.

  • At any time you can click or touch the icon to open the reading passage.
  • Click or touch when checking your answers to see the location of the answer highlighted in the reading passage.
  • Click or touch Repeat to reload the activity.
  • This activity includes 6 questions.

OK I understand



A particularly good way to develop social skills in children is to ask them to construct something based on a description.


Adults who were exposed to spatial vocabulary as children are likely to have good spatial reasoning skills.


It is important for parents to model words that describe the colours of objects.


Children love playing with jigsaws.


Children do not like making and using maps.


Using your hands when giving instructions can have a negative effect.

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