Vocabulary in.. Reading scientific papers

Read about how to read a scientific paper, and pick up ten new vocabulary items along the way. Test your new vocab using the flashcards on this page!

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    • When a card is face-up, type 'r' (or use the book icon) and the contents of the card will appear highlighted in the text.
    • This activity includes 10 cards.

OK I understand

Accept an idea or a practice readily.


Careful about which option you choose.


Become actively involved with a discussion, a person, or a thing.

engage with

Information that you don’t want anybody else to know about.

a closely kept secret

Claims that are only 50% true.

half truths

A trend in academia according to which researchers share their work freely among each other.

open access

Proceed with caution.

be wary

Adjective to describe things, or material that is packed tightly together.


People who don’t have the courage to take risks.

the faint-hearted

It seems reasonable or believable, given the evidence.

makes sense

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