Academic Collocation Flashcards

Reloading the page gives you a randomised collection of common academic collocations. Can you guess the missing collocates?

See here for examples and more information about academic collocations.
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OK I understand

They __________ the best service and so I think it's best to use them in future.

provide service

With this key you gain __________ to the main office. Please don't lose it.

gain access

Smoking may affect the __________ of neurons in the brain and this in turn may have an effect on academic ability.

affect (the) development

Religion has a __________ position in the lives of poor people in particular.

central position

__________ skills, for example knowing how to structure a piece of writing, are sometimes more important than linguistic skills.

academic skills

Our ultimate __________ is the total abolition of slavery.

ultimate goal

In post-war Britain, __________ reform led to the creation of the National Health Service.

welfare reform

The major weakness of your writing is that opposite opinion is taken from a single __________ only.

single source

This is only the beginning. In subsequent __________s the characters embark on many unusual adventures!

subsequent chapter

Before embarking on such a dangerous mission it is important to carry out a __________ assessment.

risk assessment


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