Random academic collocations

differ (v), significantly (adv)

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Sample sentences

differ considerably

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Awareness of ‘towards’

This approach represents their awareness towards the environment.

I think this another example of the clash of the collocation civilisations!

Indonesian flag Indonesians are probably thinking ‘kesadaran terhadap..’, and translating terhadap as towards. I’m afraid that’s not English collocation. Here’s what you need: Continue reading

Lack of ‘lack’

A new song focusing on the word ‘lack’, which can often be mistaken with ‘lack of’. The rule for deciding which to use is in the chorus of the song, so listen carefully and choose the correct item – ‘lack’, or ‘lack of’! (Scroll down for lyrics and gapfill!)

Song performed by an amazing group of AAS scholarship awardees: Andi, Velo, Rapta, Roy, Ade, Novi, Septia, Susan, Vita!

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