Using shoes and clothes

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I always use special shoes when I’m working in the laboratory.

Candidate: Ya ya ya Mr IELTS Examiner. I should say wear special shoes! But the context is perfectly clear and you understand what I mean, right? I mean, you can easily picture the shoes I’m talking about, right?
Indonesian flag Examiner: Yes, I understand. But you’re using weak verb/noun collocation, and so I have to give you a low score for vocabulary. Next time you want to translate ‘pake baju’, or ‘pake sepatu’, please ‘pake’ wear. OK?
Candidate: OK!

  • I always wear special shoes when I’m working in the laboratory.

2 responses to “Using shoes and clothes”

  1. imranedu says:

    Aha! I saw a sign at I/A/L/F saying “Use your head, wear a helmet.”
    I think it is playing with word ‘use’, which commonly misused by us Indonesians 😕

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