A lack of ‘lack’

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Indonesian students sometimes struggle because they lack of critical thinking skills.

It’s true that ‘lack’ collocates strongly with ‘of’, but only when ‘lack’ is a noun. When ‘lack’ is a verb, there is no ‘of’!

  • Indonesian students sometimes struggle because they lack critical thinking skills.

If you really want to use lack of then treat ‘lack’ as a noun:

  • A lack of critical thinking skills sometimes causes Indonesian students to struggle.

Once again, in lack of, ‘lack’ is a noun, not a verb!

Some students demonstrate a lack of understanding when it comes to the word ‘lack’. Perhaps they lack the ability to identify the difference between noun and verb forms? Or perhaps there is a lack of examples of ‘lack’ in the texts that they read? Either way there is a definite lack of ‘lack’ as a verb in their writing!

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