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Since the abolition of fuel subsidies, prices have been fluctuative.

Nice try! The IELTS examiner will understand that you are trying to make an adjective from the verb ‘fluctuate’ using ‘ive’. Normally this would be a good strategy, but there is no such word as ‘fluctuative’ and so this time you will receive a low score for vocabulary.
The safest approach is to use the verb form:

  • ..prices have fluctuated.

Alternatively, you can make an adjective phrase using the noun form and featuring some collocation:

  • ..prices have been subject to fluctuation.

Finally you might try some more fancy academic collocation:

  • ..prices have tended to fluctuate.

Now go ahead and remove fluctuative from your list of ‘ive’ adjectives!

7 responses to “Fluctuative?!”

  1. Afi says:

    but you use smiley 🙂 instead of :(, for the fluctuative.

  2. imranedu says:

    It does marked as incorrect spelling in my word processor. We do have word ‘fluktuatif’ in Bahasa Indonesia, and this word is very ‘academic’. Maybe another direct translation @eapguru 😀

  3. PG says:

    That’s a bit different. In ‘Use your head,’ ‘use’ is an imperative verb!

  4. Steve, i still don’t get the meaning of “have been subject to”. i have read this words several times in some article but I confuse how to translate it and to use it
    Thank you Steve,

  5. PG says:

    A paraphrase would be “have experienced fluctuation”.

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