Most teachers are no use

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Most of older teachers and some younger teachers are not technology literate.

Today I’m going to give you a task!

  1. Take a look at these sentences and try to identify any words or phrases that follow most of.
  2. Then compose a rule that explains why “Most of older teachers..” is incorrect. Enter your rule as a comment below this post.
  3. Then think about why “some younger teachers” is correct. Does the rule for most / most of also apply to some / some of?

I’ve also written a song featuring this grammar problem.

6 responses to “Most teachers are no use”

  1. fis07imran says:

    In the examples, most of the ‘most of’ is followed by ‘the’, so the correct version is:
    Most of the older teachers ……
    Sorry eapguru, I cannot compose the rule.

  2. PG says:

    Well, you have the beginnings of a rule, already 😁. Can you see any other patterns?

  3. Piteem says:

    From the link, most of the good sentences do not require [of the] if the group is not spesific. Only most + unspesific noun(s). So maybe the formula is most of the + spesific groups?

  4. PG says:

    Ya that’s a great way to think of it – non-specific nouns! As Imran notes, you can also be specific using possessives as well as pronouns.

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