Lazy to read

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I know that reading is important, but Indonesian people are lazy to read.

Indonesian flag This is an almost direct translation of “malas baca“, right?
In most English speaking countries, people who read are usually educated and interested in the world, and these are seen as positive characteristics. Meanwhile laziness is thought to be a very negative characteristic. Nobody in an English speaking country would openly admit to being ‘lazy to read‘ – they would feel too embarrassed.
In any case ‘lazy to + V1’ is bad collocation. In a situation when laziness is more appropriate, the native English speaker might say:

  • I can’t be bothered to go jogging this morning. Anyway it’s raining.

If you are ready to admit your laziness when it comes to reading, then you might say:

  • I know that reading is important, but Indonesian people can’t be bothered to read.

But I urge you to think again about reading. It’s an essential skill in IELTS and in university. Practice it and it will become easier and more enjoyable!

8 responses to “Lazy to read”

  1. so, can’t be bothered to read means malas baca?
    If I say : Dika malas it true if I translate ” Dika can’t be bothered to read” ?

  2. Millatul islamiyah says:

    Wow, that’s a valuable information, PG. Thanks a lot. Can’t wait to know the next post.

  3. So, Is ” can not be bothered to” always followed verb after to…..? e.g Andi cannot be bothered to go swimming

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