Involve(d) in

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Giving a challenge for human workers to involve in controlling machines is a good idea.

Involve as adjective

You got the preposition right, but the wrong form of ‘involve’. This is nearly always constructed as an ‘ed’ adjective phrase:

  • Giving a challenge for human workers to be involved in controlling machines is a good idea.

‘Get’ also collocates strongly with ‘involved in’, as does the more formal ‘become’:

  • Giving a challenge for human workers to get/become involved in controlling machines is a good idea.

It’s not always necessary to mention the activity that someone is involved in:

  • I’m involved.

Indonesian flag For Indonesians there are easy translations for involved as adjective:

  • involved – terlibat
  • (to be) involved in – terlibat dalam

Involve as a verb

If you want to use involve as a verb, usually there is an indirect object:

  • I rarely involve myself in politics.

Indonesian flag Again, for Indonesians there is an easy translation.

  • to involve + someone + in + something – melibatkan … dalam …


My friend Bill is involved in politics. He’s especially interested in problems that involve ethnic minorities. You know – immigration, work permits, etc. Although he tries not to involve himself personally, he inevitably forms quite close relationship with people like refugees, many of whom have been involved ethnic conflict in their home countries.

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