Food, exercise, cause and effect

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Let’s think about our health and at the same time practice some cause effect signals!

Fill in the gaps with words and phrases from the box, then click ‘Check your answers’ for feedback!

There are several reasons why people gain weight. For example, sitting for long periods at a computer can make you fat. If you’re not moving then you’re not burning calories, and as a result,consequently,therefore,so no fat gets burned. Eating the wrong kind of food can also result in,lead to,cause a widening waistline. Fast food and sugary drinks contain more calories than we need and consequently,as a result,so,therefore eating them makes us fat. Sometimes people eat healthy food but gain weight because of,due to,as a result of snacking. They eat snacks while they’re working, or when they’re in the car, and as a consequence,consequently,as a result,therefore their calorie consumption is high. The only way to maintain normal weight is by eating in moderation and exercising regularly. Exercise causes the body to burn fat, and this eventually leads to,results in,causes weight loss.

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