I suggest you try netspeak.org

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Online stores suggest their customers to change their passwords periodically.

The structure used here is subject + suggest + object + to + V1. Instinctively I know that’s not right, but to find out why I headed over to Netspeak.org and this is what I found:

So, we can say..

  • Online stores suggest their customers change their passwords periodically.
  • Online stores suggest that their customers change their passwords periodically.

And when I looked for other patterns at Netspeak.org I noticed another structure:

Alternatively, if you really love using ‘to + v1’ then you can use advise instead of suggest:

  • Online stores advise customers to change passwords periodically.


What a fantastic resource for investigating the way words fit into different grammatical structures! Follow the search strategies ‘suggested’ at Netspeak.org and explore for yourselves!

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