Plastic articles

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Just as plastic causes problems for our planet, articles cause all kinds of problems for students of English, especially when their first language doesn’t really have them (Indonesian!).

In a more recent practice activity the focus is on sustainable development and how that relates to the envirnoment.

In addition to the instruction given, if no article is suitable then don’t make a selection. Good luck!

The number of plastic items entangled on no article coral reefs varies immensely among the different regions currently being surveyed – with the lowest levels found in no article Australia and the highest in Indonesia. An estimated 80% of marine plastic no article debris originates from no article land. The variation of plastic on no article reefs corresponds to the estimated levels of plastic litter entering the ocean from the nearest coast. According to no article projections, between 2010 and 2025 the amount of plastic debris on Australian coral no article reefs will increase by only about 1%, whereas for no article Myanmar it will almost double.

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