Articles and sentient animals

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New no articleealand now recognises all animals as sentient beings!

Discuss with a friend.. If animals are sentient beings (they can think and feel pretty much like humans can), how does this affect our attitude to:

  • animals as food
  • scientific experimentation involving animals (vivisection)
  • animals in sport and entertainment

After your discussion, read the following text and select articles as appropriate.

Studies have shown that no article sheep are able to recognise the faces of their sheep friends even after being separated for two years. no article elephants from no article strong family groups with no article immense memories and they cry when they are hurt (both physically and emotionally). no article Capuchin monkeys know when they are receiving no article unequal pay (no article grapes vs no article cucumber) and no article Macaques develop no article individual cultures, particularly when it comes to how one should wash a potato.

no article chimpanzees like to keep the peace by redistributing no article bananas if someone complains that their share is unfair and even no article rats have been shown to demonstrate no article empathy by giving up their favourite snack to save a drowning friend. They also giggle when being tickled.

no article fish use no article tools and no article octopus weigh up whether the effort needed to gain a food reward is worth it depending on the type of no article food. There is also plenty of no article evidence on how no article animals have no article individual personalities and indeed how some are a glass half full type while no article others are more glass half empty.

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