Jumbled hedges

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Academic writers make frequent use of ‘hedges’ – phrases that change the strength of their claims so as to make them more acceptable to other academics. A claim can be made stronger or weaker by adding adjectives and adverbs, by changing verbs, or by adding lengthy ‘hedging’ phrases.

The activity below includes 10 sentences that feature hedging. Reconstruct them if you can. Hedging expressions have been highlighted!

(Answer key below!)

These frequent storms are C1almost||certainly due to climate change. Since this difference has not been found elsewhere it is C1probably||not due to inflation. The findings from these studies suggest that unemployment C1can have an effect on fertility. Ozone C1tends||to attack cells and break down tissues. C1It||is||important||to bear in mind the C1possible bias in these responses. C1There||is||a||small||chance||that the situation will improve in the long term. A C1reasonable approach to tackle this issue C1could||be to involve the public. Analysis of research reports has shown that discussion sections C1tend||to be C1particularly rich in hedging devices. Another C1possible area of future research would be to investigate why poverty remains common. Some studies C1suggest||that drinking alcohol C1increases||the||risk||of breast cancer.


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