Try this IELTS Reading practice activity and you might just learn something new about Orangutans!

  1. Skim read the text
  2. Answer the questions. If a statement corresponds to a matching fact in the text, answer T (True). If it contradicts a fact in the text, answer F (False). If there is not enough information to decide True or False, answer NI (No information).
  3. Click or touch Check Answers.

  • At any time you can click or touch the icon to open the reading passage.
  • Click or touch when checking your answers to see the location of the answer highlighted in the reading passage.
  • Click or touch Repeat to reload the activity.
  • This activity includes 7 questions.

OK I understand



Individual orangutans prefer to live alone.


Protecting remote forests is the only way to preserve orangutans.


It was easy for prehistoric hunters to collect the teeth of orangutans.


Orangutans began to be killed in large numbers by humans using weapons that could be thrown through the air.


Tree bark is one of the orangutan's favourite foods.


Orangutans could probably survive in cities.


According to the text, some parts of the world are not dominated by humans.

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