Concrete bananas and abstract freedom

In the previous post we completed the summary of a text about how we come to understand concrete and abstract concepts. In this post we do some Yes, No, Not Given practice as the writer goes on to describe three theories relating to this kind of mental processing.

  1. Skim read the text
  2. Answer the questions. If a statement corresponds to a matching fact in the text, answer Y (Yes). If it contradicts a fact in the text, answer N (No). If there is not enough information to decide Yes or No, answer NG (Not given).
  3. Click or touch Check Answers.

  • At any time you can click or touch the icon to open the reading passage.
  • Click or touch when checking your answers to see the location of the answer highlighted in the reading passage.
  • Click or touch Repeat to reload the activity.
  • This activity includes 5 questions.

OK I understand



All academics agree about how abstract concepts are formed.


'Grounded cognition' involves experiencing things like bananas 'emotionally'.


'Symbolic cognition' involves combining other pieces of abstract information.


Our understanding of concrete things gained through physical experience can be influenced by language.


Humans are superior to animals because we have language.

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