Catching up on sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Do you take naps during the day? Match ideas about sleep to the experts they belong to and find out more about sleep and sleeping habits!

Before you read, discuss with a friend whether the following statements might be true or false:

  • Not getting enough sleep can lead to stomach problems.
  • If you’re studying then you should try to get plenty of sleep.
  • It’s possible to go without sleep for more than a week.
  • If you know you’re going to lose sleep in the immediate future, you can ‘store’ extra sleep before it happens.
  • It’s better to keep sleep and wake times regular.
  1. Skim read the text
  2. Answer the questions by clicking (or touching) checkboxes.
  3. Click or touch Check Answers.
  4. Other information
    • At any time you can click or touch the icon to open the reading passage.
    • Click or touch when checking your answers to see the location of the answer highlighted in the reading passage.
    • Click or touch Repeat to reload the activity.
    • This activity includes 5 questions.

OK I understand

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