Japan earthquake

Japan earthquake – tenses

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There have been a lot of earthquakes recently, including this one on Japan’s Hokkaido island. Current news stories – although often tragic – are full of interesting grammar as they include past and finished, recently finished, as well as ongoing events and situations. See if you can choose the correct tenses from the news coverage.

Dozens are still missing following an earthquake on Japan’s island of Hokkaido, with many feared buried under rubble after the magnitude 6.7 quake _______________ landslides.

  • triggered
  • has triggered
  • is triggering
  • triggers
  • had triggered

Some 1.6 million residents across Hokkaido ________________ without power.

  • remain
  • remained
  • have remained
  • are remaining

The quake is the second disaster to hit Japan this week, after a deadly typhoon _______________ the country’s west coast.

  • lashed
  • lashes
  • is lashing
  • has lashed
  • had lashed

The earthquake struck early on Thursday and thousands of people _______________ the night in evacuation centres.

  • spent
  • spend
  • are spending
  • have spent
  • had spent

The village of Atsuma was among the hardest hit, where roads and houses _______________ after huge landslides.

  • collapsed
  • are collapsing
  • have collapsed
  • had collapsed
  • collapse

“We’ve heard there _______________ people still stuck under the mud, so we’ve been working around the clock but it’s been difficult to rescue them,” a rescue worker in Atsuma told public broadcaster NHK.

  • are
  • were
  • had been

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe confirmed 16 people _______________ , many people injured, and 26 remained missing.

  • had been killed
  • had killed
  • were killed
  • are killed
  • have been killed
  • have killed

“Please give your sympathy to people who spent a dark night in fear, and do everything you can to restore electricity as soon as possible,” he _______________ his ministers at an emergency cabinet meeting on Friday.

  • instructed
  • instructs
  • has instructed
  • is instructing

With bad weather expected over the next days, officials _______________ people to remain cautious and be prepared for aftershocks.

  • are warning
  • have warned
  • warn
  • had warned

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