unconscious bias

Women, career, unconscious bias

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These days more women are entering technical professions but they are still far outnumbered by men. Computing scientist Talia Gershon believes this is partly due to unconscious biases. Watch the video and then reconstruct what Talia says.

I think the reason there’s so few female engineers is just because of the negative feedback a lot of women get from their communities and society when they go into technical fields. You know a lot of mothers are worried about their daughters finding a partner and looking unfeminine and I think the negative feedback that women get encourages them to consider other professions. And I think women also face unconscious bias, which is something that, you know, exists in the general public, in the community, and people have biases. And they’re unconscious – they don’t even know that they have a bias. And so a lot of factors come together to make women feel that they don’t want to choose technical professions a lot of the time. I’ve seen mixed results about unconscious bias training. I think in some cases it can be helpful because people being aware of it is important. You know if you’re not even aware that there’s a problem you can’t do anything to change it. People who don’t believe that it exists get very defensive. So they try and convince themselves and everybody else that it doesn’t exist and they couldn’t possibly be doing it, right? So, it’s mixed results. I think for some people, seeing it and hearing about it and thinking about it is good, but it’s hard to convince people that don’t experience it themselves.

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