academic hangman

Academic Hangman

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A version of hangman featuring words from the Academic Word List (AWL), and a built-in homework activity for anyone who needs the practice.


33 responses to “Academic Hangman”

  1. Anak murid says:


    The context of planning budget in legislation is about specific issues in health and education, almost 50 percent.

    • Pak Guru says:

      Very well done Anak Murid! A couple of comments..
      1. ‘almost 50 percent’ doesn’t cohere very well with the rest of the sentence. Next time try using either a relative clause or a participle phrase: ‘which represent almost 50 percent.’; ‘representing almost 50 percent.’
      2. The sentence might make more sense with ‘budget’ as the subject: “Budget planning in legislation is about specific issues in the context of health and education…”

      Try another? 😉

  2. Anak murid says:

    Function, Contract, Role, Theory, Definition

    According to the theory of law, a contract must has obvious definitions in term of rights, duties, roles, and functions between 2 companies who cooperated.

    • Pak Guru says:

      Couple of things..

      cooperated – past simple tense, needs past simple time expression. Unless you’re talking about something that is always true – in that case use present simple tense.

      must + v1

  3. Anak murid says:

    Evidence, Export, Consistent, Authority, Involved

    A consistent increase of the number of seaweed export in some areas in NTT provides evidence that the local authorities, involved in making rules, have a significant influence on macroeconomics.

  4. Anak murid says:

    Derived, Involved, Sector, Contract, Distribution

    Indonesia government derived money from some contracts of the distribution of assets with private sectors, involved in transportation and tourism.

  5. Anak murid says:

    A region required a major concept that identified problems and society basic needs based on a risk assessment by an independent institution.

    • Pak Guru says:

      1. I’m not sure a ‘concept’ can ‘identify’ something. Isn’t it something or someone that identifies a concept. 2. ‘required’ is often used as a noun modifier: ‘required risk assessment’. 3. ‘society’ is not used to pre-modify a noun – instead ‘social’ is used: ‘basic social needs’. For post-modification use ‘basic needs of society’. 4. It might be easier to fit your 5 words into more than one sentence!😉

  6. Anak murid says:

    Major, Required, Identified, Concept, Assessment

  7. Harbabiruk Kupang says:

    period, identified, income, analysis, benefit.

    By the analysis of income, economists has successfully identified a large number of benefits in terms of the UKM products’ sales rate in several rural areas during a period of 10 years from 2008-2018.

  8. Devina says:

    section – principle – data – contract – concept

    The principle concept of the contract is about the agreement of means of collecting data from Chemical section

    • Pak Guru says:

      Nice, Devina! OK but remember that countable nouns need an article and/or an ‘s’. So you need to think about ‘means’ and ‘section’. With ‘section’ you tell us exactly which section, so that’s ‘definite’. You also tell us which ‘means’, so that’s definite, too!
      Finally punctuation – small ‘c’ for ‘chemical’, and don’t forget the full-stop!
      Try another? 🙂

  9. Yohana Nono says:

    Procedure – Princilpe – Theory – policy – required

    The procedure must be executed correctly and completely.

  10. Victoria says:

    section – response – authority – assume – area
    In response to the article 13 on the section B the authority claim the total area which it is assumed who sent the sentence.

    • Pak Guru says:

      Well done Vicky! Actually when ‘article’ has a number (13) and ‘section’ a letter (B) then these are proper nouns and don’t need ‘the’. Then later I’m not sure what you mean by ‘assume an area’. Maybe you mean: “In response to Article 13 Section B the authority claim the whole area, which is assumed by the person who sent the sentence.” Anyway good job! Try another?😊

  11. pakguru says:

    estimate – section – create – formula – concept
    The concept was to create a formula to estimate the area of a section.

  12. siapa hayo says:

    environment – identified – concept – evidence – financial
    Evidence shows that some identified environment damages can be solved by good financial management.

  13. mia🍜 says:

    environment – evidence – formula – economic – distribution

    Financial aid distribution from governments is the fastest formula to help people who suffer from the economic crisis, and it is evidence of governments efforts to create a safer environment.

    p.s. I don’t think this sentence is grammatically correct…

    • pakguru says:

      There’s just an apostrophe missing from the end of ‘governments’ (governments’ efforts), but otherwise the grammar is fine. Nice how you used ‘evidence of’ and ‘efforts to’.

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