Value or values?

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Foreign companies offer more added values to products or services.

Sorry folks, but this is another countable / uncountable problem. Let’s take a look at some examples of each!

Values (plural)

These are often readings taken from a measuring device and can be represented as a number.

  • The laser powers mentioned are typical values.
  • Values between 0 and 1 are reasonable.
  • This height estimation service returns real height values.

Otherwise they might be moral or social values.

  • A multiracial society creates common values between religions.
  • I still live by those values today.
  • We explore humanist values and train future leaders.

Value (uncountable)

This is used to measure the worth of a thing either with reference to its exchange value, represented in terms of money..

  • Paper currency is money without intrinsic value.
  • The estimated value is $27 million.

..or to its use value, represented in terms of its non-monetary use to us.

  • One early finding has immediate practical value.
  • Their life has not much value here.
  • Nothing of value is accomplished without effort.


I’m fairly sure that in our opening example the writer is talking about the exchange value of products and services, and so he or she needs the uncountable form of value:

  • Foreign companies offer more added value to products or services.

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