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Minimal pairs /ɪ/ , /i:/

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Q:What did the bean say to the bin?
A: How’ve you been?
In this activity we practice recognising short and long ‘i’ sounds in minimal pairs. Click or touch the sound you hear!

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  • seat,1,sit,2
  • team,1,Tim,2
  • beat,1,bit,2
  • sleep,1,slip,2
  • leave,1,live,2
  • feast,1,fist,2
  • leap,1,lip,2
  • bean,1,bin,2
  • heal,1,hill,2
  • it,2,eat,1
  • chip,2,cheap,1
  • heat,1,hit,2
  • fit,2,feet,1
  • fill,2,feel,1
  • seen,1,sin,2
  • cheeks,1,chicks,2
  • leak,1,lick,2
  • peel,1,pill,2

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