shoot suit

Minimal pairs /s/ , /ʃ/

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In minimal pair activity we listen to the difference between Sue and ‘shoe’, and maybe learn how to say “Sue’s shoe!”

Indonesian flag Highly recommended for Indonesian students of English!
  • ship,35,sip,33
  • shoot,35,suit,33
  • shame,35,same,33
  • shin,35,sin,33
  • sheen,35,seen,33
  • shoulder,35,solder,33
  • Sheila,35,sealer,33
  • shoe,35,Sue,33
  • shack,35,sack,33
  • shift,35,sift,33
  • sure,35,sore,33
  • show,35,so,33
  • shocks,35,socks,33

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