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If we buy fresh food via online it will not be fresh by the time it arrives at our homes.

We say that we ‘go’ online, and so online feels like it’s a place, but it isn’t. It’s actually an adverb!

  • This company is still selling equipment online.
  • (Affects the verb ‘selling’)
  • The current monthly construction update is available online.
  • (Affects the verb ‘is’)
  • It’s impossible to go online when the network is down.
  • (Affects the verb ‘go’)

The same is true of abroad and overseas.

  • It has nine permanent diplomatic missions overseas.
  • (Affects the verb ‘has’)
  • The school undertakes biennial music tours abroad.
  • (Affects the verb ‘undertakes’)
  • Parents like their children to study¬†abroad and so they can apply for scholarships.
  • (Affects the verb ‘study’)


You can shop online (not at online), you can study abroad (not in abroad), and you can live overseas (not in overseas)!


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