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The advance of advanced technology

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With the advanced of technology, millennials are finding it easier to make friends.

Indonesian flag I’m not sure why Indonesian IELTS candidates write ‘advanced’ (with ‘ed’) in this phrase. It’s possibly their confusing it with advanced technology.

Before you use these words (advance, technology) in the same sentence, decide whether you want to focus on the technology or on the advance!

Focus on ‘advance’

  • Huxley comments on the advance of technology and its possible consequences.
  • The advance of technology is rapid, and that keeps things interesting.
  • Professional education offered at Norwich also changed and adapted with the advance of technology.
  • So astonishing is the advance of technology that this discovery is already becoming out of date.
  • You can find out the ways in which Broadway has managed to withstand the advances of technology.

In each of these examples, the focus is on advance. Here we’re thinking about a change over time.

Focus on ‘technology’

  • His body has been modified using advanced technology.
  • They have advanced technology and better weapons.
  • Using advanced technology, Brown bought out many competitors and increased circulation.
  • Other aspects of life are greatly influenced by advanced technology.
  • A major advantage of advanced technology is its flexibility.

In these examples the focus is on technology. Here we’re thinking about a situation at a moment in time.


In our opening example we need one of the following:

  • With the advance of technology, millennials are finding it easier to make friends.
  • With advanced technology, millennials are finding it easier to make friends.

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  1. Ale says:

    Thank you for sharing this post, Pak Guru. A self reminder for me as I always did mistake in this part. Merdeka! 😀

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