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Adding things in process description

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The contents are added with powder and then all the materials are mixed together.

Indonesian flag Indonesians – please let me know what you’re trying to translate here!

Adding things

In English the simpler item is added to the more complex item:

  • More marginal notes were added to later editions.
  • NOT: Later editions were added with more marginal notes.
  • Olive oil is added to almost every dish.
  • NOT: Almost every dish is added with olive oil.
  • Any finite number added to infinity is infinity.
  • NOT: Infinity added with any finite number is infinity.
  • New functionality was later added to the application.
  • NOT: The application was later added with new functionality.
  • A timeline has been added to this website.
  • NOT: This website has been added with a timeline.


In our opening example, the powder is less complex than ‘the contents’, and so the following is more appropriate:

  • Powder is added to the contents and then all the materials are mixed together.


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