Academic Collocation Flashcards

Reloading the page gives you a randomised collection of common academic collocations. Can you guess the missing collocates?

See here for examples and more information about academic collocations.
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OK I understand

The problem needs to be considered within a wider __________ in order to achieve a long-term solution.

wider context

Education for all was meant to facilitate social __________ and the chance for people to bring themselves out of poverty.

social mobility

Personal feelings are no substitute for the objective __________ established using the scientific method.

objective criteria

Eventually the volunteers left in search of paid __________.

paid employment

We must save our environment for the sake of the __________ generation.

younger generation

Religion has a __________ position in the lives of poor people in particular.

central position

Access to these documents is restricted to __________ management only.

senior management

In this context, however, the device has a more specific __________.

specific function

That argument is not __________. The first claim is untrue!

valid argument

Basic __________ relies on the scientific method to develop and test hypotheses.

basic research


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