Academic Collocation Flashcards

Academic Collocation Flashcards

Posted by on August 10th, 2019 | 2 responses | AWL, collocation, gapfill, IELTS, practice, reading, speaking, vocabulary, writing

Reloading the page gives you a randomised collection of common academic collocations. Can you guess the missing collocates?

See here for examples and more information about academic collocations.

2 responses to “Academic Collocation Flashcards”

  1. hasib says:

    Dear Pak Guru, the following random question in the box doesn’t give the noun phrase related to cultural. What would be the answer pak guru for “cultural”?
    Q : Here it is important not to mistake cultural __________ for racial differences
    A : racial differences

    • pakguru says:

      Well, the missing noun should be ‘differences’. I’ve now changed the example to: “Occasionally racial _______ can lead to marital disharmony in couples who belong to different races.”

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