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Reloading the page gives you a randomised collection of common academic collocations. Can you guess the missing collocates?

See here for examples and more information about academic collocations.
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OK I understand

International students often __________ difficulties adapting to their new study environments.

face difficulties

In post-war Britain, __________ reform led to the creation of the National Health Service.

welfare reform

As in all such investigations, we use a simple __________.

use (an) approach

This is only the beginning. In subsequent __________s the characters embark on many unusual adventures!

subsequent chapter

Without __________ effort it is difficult to increase your IELTS score by one band within a month.

considerable effort

The recent downturn in the economy is hardly __________ when you consider the bad decisions made recently by the government.

hardly surprising

Focus group discussion is usually followed by __________ analysis involving the identification of patterns and trends.

qualitative analysis

Data relating to sales performance can be found in the __________ review, along with staff bios.

annual review

Trade between the two countries is good, although it is based on a complex __________.

complex relationship

The reasons for the government's decision remain __________.

remain unclear


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