extensive reading

What is ‘extensive reading’

Posted by on January 7th, 2020 | 0 comments | extensive reading, IELTS, jumbled sentences, reading, text reconstruction

When most people prepare for IELTS reading, they think about subskills like skimming and scanning, but sometimes overlook another very important activity – extensive reading. Find out what extensive reading involves by reconstructing these 12 sentences!

Students read a lot and read often. There is a wide variety of text types and topics to choose from. The texts are not just interesting, they are engaging and compelling. Students choose what to read. Reading purposes focus on: pleasure, information and general understanding. Reading is its own reward. There are no tests, no exercises, no questions and no dictionaries. Materials are within the language competence of the students. Reading is individual, and silent. Speed is faster, not deliberate and slow. The teacher explains the goals and procedures clearly, then monitors and guides the students. The teacher is a role model…a reader, who participates along with the students.


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