Space Exploration

IELTS Task 2 – body paragraph reconstruction

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In this activity we see two body paragraphs taken from an IELTS Task 2 essay discussing space exploration.

As you reconstruct the paragraphs, consider the following:

  1. How do words and phrases in the sentences help you to reconstruct the text? (If they do help you then this essay would receive a good score for Coherence and Cohesion!)
  2. What general claim (introduction!) is the writer supporting with these body paragraphs? (If it’s easy to guess, then this essay will receive a good score for both Coherence and Cohesion AND Task Response!)
  3. Which opinions are the writer’s and which opinions are other people’s?
One of the most compelling arguments in support of space programmes is that they give birth to a range of complimentary technologies. For example, the imaging devices used to look into space have wider applications in health care. Ironically, however, space technologies also feature in the development of weapons of mass destruction. Surely it would be better to teach people how to live peacefully and healthily here on earth, and to save money in the process?
(paragraph break)
Another justification for space research has been the potential for space technologies to prove scientific theories. For example, modern telescopes have enabled scientists to observe in more detail the behaviour of stars and to support theories about the formation of our own universe. However, throughout history many of our theories about the universe have resulted from careful thought and observation, and using minimal resources. A case in point is the circumference of the earth, which was calculated with a high degree of accuracy by the early Greeks.


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