IELTS Task 1 – Essay structure

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A good way to structure your IELTS Task 1 essay is to divide it into three sections, as follows:

  1. General introduction (“The graph/table/chart shows..”)
  2. Overview (“In general..”)
  3. Detail (“In detail..”)

In the IELTS test the first section will probably be only one sentence, the second section one or two sentences, and the third section one, or possibly two, paragraphs.

See if you can reconstruct three sentences corresponding to these three sections based on the chart given below!

Try to complete the activity without looking at the text!
The chart shows working hours during an 8-year period beginning in 2010.
In general, working hours have increased steadily and are currently almost 20% longer than at the beginning of the period.
In detail, an extra hour has been added annually so that working hours have increased from 40 hours to 47 hours during the period.

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