aid and aids

Aid and Aids

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Receiving any aids from developed countries might be benefitial for developing countries.

OK so there is a difference between aid (countable) and aid (uncountable).

aid (countable)

This kind of aid has a specific purpose, and generally makes it easier to perform a task:

  • a hearing aid (an electronic device) makes it easier to hear
  • a visual aid (a powerpoint slide) makes it easier to teach or to understand an idea
  • a study aid (a dictionary) helps to understand what words mean
  • a navigational aid (a compass) makes it easier to find your way

aid (uncountable)

This kind of aid is generic and multi-purpose

  • financial aid (funding for infrastructure projects)
  • foreign aid (possibly financial, but could be in the form of education or even food)
  • legal aid (possibly financial, but also in the form of human resources)
  • military aid (human resources)

In our opening statement the kind of aid referred to is generic and we can assume that it is meant for a wide range of non-specific purposes. So what we need is:

  • Receiving any aid from developed countries might be beneficial for developing countries.


In the comments, use aid (countable) and aid (uncountable) to write a sentence describing the following image!

2 responses to “Aid and Aids”

  1. Davidehp says:

    The female standing in front of the visual aid presents how she and a non-government organization delivered aid for a remote area in South America.

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