Academic English not only for Indonesians
Compensating for ‘compensate’

The revenues resulting from the tax amnesty could compensate the temporary loss of revenues deriving from the transition.

Compensate‘ offers three possibilities: (more…)

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Experts on human behaviour (2/2)

This is the second part of a two-part activity! The first part is available here. (more…)

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Comparing crash landings!

In this post we take a look at some nice language comparing two crash landings in which all passengers and crew survived! (full news story here). (more…)

Even though.. (but..)

Even the government has tried hard to control corruption, but bribery is still commonplace.

There are two problems here. (more…)

Complete with ‘with’

Mobile phones are completed by advanced features.

Completed by

OK let’s look at some examples of ‘completed by’: (more…)

When ‘existence’ should not exist

Some people believe that the existence of machines helps to generate more profit than loss.


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As much uncountable as possible!

These days gadgets do not consume power as much as they used to.

This should read: (more…)

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Worthy (of) worth?

Taking a break between school and university is worthy of their time.

OK so here it would be better to write: (more…)

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Boys and girls in school + expert opinion

Do boys and girls benefit from being taught together? Richard Cairns, head of Brighton College, says ‘yes’, Helen Fraser, chief executive of the Girls’ Day School Trust, says ‘no’. (more…)

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Crafts are good for you

Have you every tried knitting? Basket-weaving? Working with wood? Well perhaps you should! Find out why craft can be good for you by completing today’s summary and at the same time get some useful IELTS reading practice!