IELTS Listening Practice

Published by on August 27th, 2018

Listening practice activities are grouped according to section. Click the headings to browse activities.

This page contains 7 IELTS listening activities.

IELTS Listening – Spelling

Great practice for form filling during Part 1 of the IELTS listening test! Continue reading

Media Multitasking

Many people these days - youngsters in particular - believe in their ability to perform more than one task at the same time, or to 'multitask'. In this post we listen to what the research has to say about 'media multitasking'. Before you listen, discuss the following questions with a friend: Continue reading

Thinking Creatively – IELTS Listening Section 4

You will hear a researcher talking about the importance of 'creative thinking', both in the workplace and in our personal lives. Continue reading

Aloneness, loneliness, solitude

A social scientist believes that although being alone can make people feel lonely, it can also have some positive effects!  Continue reading

Chimpanzee nests and human evolution

You will hear a researcher talking about how studying the beds made by chimpanzees can help us to understand how modern humans evolved. Continue reading

AI will make you smarter!

You will hear a university professor talking about Artificial Intelligence and making predictions about how AI might make us smarter in the future. Continue reading

Robot Carers

IELTS Listening Section 4 is arguably the most difficult part of the listening test. A single speaker delivers a talk or a lecture, and all ten questions have to be answered without a break. Continue reading