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Published by on August 27th, 2018

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At the time of writing, the UK Government has appointed a Minister of Loneliness. This is in response to a perceived increase in loneliness, thought by some to result in part from social media use. Match headings to the text below which looks at some of the myths surrounding loneliness.

Coping with study stress

Do you find studying stressful? Match the headings and read tips about how to control stress as a student!

Exam preparation myths

Simply reading and re-reading the things you need to remember for an exam may not be the best way to retain information. Match headings to more tried-and-tested methods of exam preparation! Continue reading

Special spatial skills for kids!

Spatial reasoning is an important skill in everyday life, as well as in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related careers. How can we develop and enhance spatial reasoning in our children? Match the headings to find out!

Unavoidably stupid us

Do you always act sensibly and rationally? Psychologists have analysed the choices we make on a daily basis and the findings might surprise you. To find out more, try this IELTS reading heading matching activity.

Myths about future cities

We like to think that we know about the benefits that future cities will bring us, but do we really?

Myths about future cities

We like to think that we know about the benefits that future cities will bring us, but do we really?


I had to go to the dentist recently - just for a check-up. All was well, thankfully! In this post we find out about teeth and match headings to paragraphs!

Polar Bears

Here's a quick heading matching activity. By now we are all familiar with global warming and its impacts. Match headings to these eight facts about polar bears. Continue reading

Good study habits

In this post we learn from Science and Learning Research Centre director Pankaj Sah about effective study habits. Special thanks to Pankaj for kindly allowing me to publish his article which first appeared in The Conversation. Continue reading

Mosquitoes and you!

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes bite some people more often than others? Try this IELTS reading True, False, No Information activity to find out why!

Spatial awareness

In the last post we matched headings to this text about helping children to develop spatial awareness. Now let's try some good IELTS True, False, No information questions relating to the same text!

Concrete bananas and abstract freedom

In the previous post we completed the summary of a text about how we come to understand concrete and abstract concepts. In this post we do some Yes, No, Not Given practice as the writer goes on to describe three theories relating to this kind of mental processing. Continue reading


Try this IELTS Reading practice activity and you might just learn something new about Orangutans!


How much do you know about the typewriter? And how good are you at answering True / False / No Information questions? Try this activity and find out!

Why do we like chocolate?

How much do you know about chocolate? And how good are you at answering True / False / No information questions? To find out, try this practice activity! (source)

Eat to sleep!

Scientists have discovered a link between food and sleep that may explain why we sleep either well or not so well. Complete the summary with reference to the text! Continue reading

Searching Antarctica – for Dinosaurs!?

Scientists fear that Antarctica is melting. But did you know that Antarctica was once warm enough to support forests, and that Dinosaurs lived there? Read and find out all about it, and at the same time try some IELTS reading summary completion! Continue reading

Summarising our experience of colour

Is the blue you see the same as the blue your friend sees? When you listen to music do you see colours? How many words for 'blue' do you have in your language? Complete the summary to find out more about colour!

Crafts are good for you

Have you every tried knitting? Basket-weaving? Working with wood? Well perhaps you should! Find out why craft can be good for you by completing today's summary and at the same time get some useful IELTS reading practice!

Thought and language, concrete and abstract

With a friend - picture in your mind a banana, and then picture 'freedom'. Compare your mental pictures with your partner's. Then complete this summary!

Changing people’s beliefs is not easy!

Research suggests that even when people are faced with strong evidence that challenges their beliefs, they are usually reluctant to change their minds. This can be relatively harmless, for example there are those who still believe that the Earth is flat. At the same time it can have catastrophic consequences, as for example in the US with Trump's denial of climate change.

Experts on human behaviour (2/2)

This is the second part of a two-part activity! The first part is available here. Continue reading

Living an ‘extended’ life

It looks as though people are soon going to be living longer lives thanks to advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles. Discuss the questions with a friend and decide whether you agree or disagree. Then match the ideas with their owners. Continue reading

Catching up on sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Do you take naps during the day? Match ideas about sleep to the experts they belong to and find out more about sleep and sleeping habits!

Experts on human behaviour (1/2)

In the previous post we matched headings to this text about human behaviour. Now see if you can match ideas to the owners of those ideas! Continue reading

Japanese Architecture

In IELTS we're sometimes required to answer questions about buildings - a topic that most of us never usually think about! Match the names of Japanese architects to their innovative designs and pick up some building knowledge and vocabulary at the same time! Continue reading