Published by on January 26th, 2018

This page is a gateway to resources likely to be of special interest to Indonesians planning to study abroad, preparing for IELTS, or possibly already abroad but keen to continue improving their English.

Currently there are two main areas of interest for Indonesian visitors:

1. tagsINDO

tagsINDO page is a list of tags – in Bahasa Indonesia – arranged alphabetically. Clicking on tags takes you to pages dealing with words from Bahasa Indonesia that seem to cause problems when translated into English. It could be that the English meanings are slightly different, or because word forms in English differ from the Indonesian equivalents, or because there simply is no translation!

2. Lost in translation

This page is a list of sentences or short texts that contain translated terms that have become partially or completely lost in translation from Bahasa Indonesia to English.

In time I will add more resources for Indonesians, but if you have any requests, please add them to the comments below!