GuruEAP Songs

Published by on April 17th, 2018

A collection of songs for language learners written and recorded by Pak Guru, occasionally with help of students and colleagues.


Connected speech and consonant clusters featuring celebrity names.

  • Fun video produced by Indonesian AAS scholarship awardees!

Use Wear Carry

A song that highlights certain collocations with the verbs ‘use’, ‘wear’, and ‘carry’. These are not the same in Bahasa Indonesia, and probably other languages, too.

  • Audio only

The Impact Song

The collocation ‘have an impact on’ + s.o./

  • Includes a fun video produced by Indonesian students!

Lemon Squeezy

Collocations with the words ‘difficult’ and ‘easy’, which are notoriously problematic for Indonesian students of English.

  • Includes a fun video produced by Indonesian students!

Some of us

A song showing the difference between ‘some’ and ‘some of’, ‘many’ and ‘many of’, etc.

  • Audio only

No Money No Honey

More collocation, this time money-related vocabulary: price, cost, etc.

  • Sung by me, Pak Guru! (Ahem..)
  • Video also by me!