Academic English not only for Indonesians
Cloze your books!

An app that converts any text into a total cloze – a text in which all the letters have been blanked out – which you can then reconstruct, word by word! (more…)

How ‘academic’ is your vocabulary?

Disclaimer: I didn’t create the Academic Word List. That distinction goes to a lady called Averil Coxhead. And I know there are other sites offering academic word highlighting, but I need my own app because I’m planning to integrate the AWL with other @guruEAP posts and pages in the near future. (more…)

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Lin kit – A pronunciation app

Pronunciation: Linking Strategies

When listening to an English native speaker, do you sometimes find it difficult to hear where one word ends and another begins?

It’s probably because native speakers join or link words when they speak so that it’s easier to speak quickly. And to achieve this linking they may have to remove sounds, modify sounds, add sounds or move sounds. For an explanation of the 4 linking strategies, click here.

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Linkin’ Text – A pronunciation app