Academic English not only for Indonesians
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A few positives and negatives

We saw in the last post that it is necessary to consider countability when choosing between (a) few and (a) little.

In this post we look at how to express positive and negative attitude with (a) few. (more…)

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(A) few, (a) little

Only some students hand in their homework on time.

Indonesian flag Elsewhere on GuruEAP we’ve looked at alternatives to ‘some’, which tends to be overused by Indonesians translating from ‘beberapa’, or, in the example above – ‘hanya beberapa’.

In this post we look at other alternatives to ‘some’ that are especially problematic for Indonesians because they are awkward to translate: few, a few, little, and a little.

As with all quantifiers, we need to begin by deciding whether the noun we’re quantifying is countable or uncountable. (more…)

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Some alternatives to ‘some’

Unemployment has increased in recent years for some reasons.

Indonesian flag┬áIn this post,┬áIndonesian students of English will discover more appropriate ways to say ‘beberapa’ or berbagai’ in IELTS and in general academic writing. (more…)